Human history has gradually led us to emphasize thinking and to disconnect from our physical somatic self. We are now at a crossroad where many people are curious about what was lost by disconnecting from the body. Through embodiment practices we can cultivate a deep awareness of our internal physical self and gain access to millions of years of evolutionary wisdom. Somatic awareness allows us to integrate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual layers of ourselves.

Through meditation, movement, and somatic explorations, we begin to develop a deeper and kinder connection to self. Gradually, we become skilled at witnessing our self and able to notice our thinking, our feeling and our sensing.

The goal is always to return to the present moment. Being present means being in and with our experience as life unfolds. Through this practice, we develop the skills to have awareness of our movements, sensations, thoughts and feelings. We learn how to become a compassionate witness of the different levels of self. This awareness is what facilitates integration.

To participate in the Embodied Life™ classes all that is needed is a willingness to slow down.


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