Visceral Manipulation was developed by world-renowned French osteopath and physical therapist Jean-Pierre Barral to assist functional and structural imbalances throughout the body. By evaluating and treating the motion and suspension of the organs, membranes, fascia and ligaments, Visceral Manipulation increases proprioceptive communication within the body. Increased proprioceptive communication revitalizes a person and relieves pain, dysfunction, and poor posture.

Strains in the connective tissue of the viscera can result from surgical scars, adhesions, illness, posture, or injury. Tension patterns form through the fascial network deep within the body, creating a cascade of effects far from their sources for which the body has to compensate. This creates fixed points of tension that the body must move around, and this chronic irritation creates functional and structural problems.

Visceral Manipulation techniques evaluate how forces of tension interplay, overlap, and affect the body and then helps the body remove unnecessary tension patterns.

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